Dear Clients!

Having your best interest in mind, we need to warn you against potential fraud / financial losses resulting from purchase of counterfeit spraying equipment. Certain persons unrelated to our company have recently intensified their efforts to mislead prospective clients by attaching our logo on fake equipment or selling such equipment under our brand or company name. Therefore, we must warn you against buying certain products that might look like a great bargain at first glance – but they are not. Wintermann® and Graveco® spray guns are sold with a PLN 200-300 discount on various websites, but these are not our products. 

They do not have our warranty or quality, and their actual value is often just a fraction of their price. Please note that such sellers often use our proprietary brand names, which is illegal. As a result, the Client may be required to discard a product upon purchase! It is absolutely not possible to repair such spray guns or purchase spare parts at our company. Given that the price of original products is only several per cent higher, it is simply unreasonable to buy such fake equipment.

The practice of selling other counterfeit equipment has also flourished since 2017. Persons who engage in such practices usually buy scrapped or damaged products and sell them through various web portals (including e-commerce, advertising, auction or off-lease sale websites), often attaching our logo or using our name "TBH Polska" to make it look more reliable. Such equipment (see the attached screenshot) is often self-assembled from defective and incompatible parts of various products sold by different manufacturers.

Counterfeit products are then sold under the Wintermann®, Graveco® or other brand names, which is an offence subject to criminal prosecution. Clients pay for such products in advance, and when it turns out that the parts are incompatible, do not work properly, are clogged and essentially the product is nothing but electrical scrap – they cannot get their money back. It often happens that the Client will lose the entire amount paid for such equipment! Dear Clients! Please be careful – even if the seller claims that the equipment is original, you may still end up buying a fake product.

Remember that every single Wintermann® product can be checked in our database! Dear Clients! Our notices are not “fake news” – they contain verified and reliable information regarding certain persons and companies that will jump at every opportunity to mislead and take advantage of our Clients. In our business, just like in any industry where money is involved, there are people who know well how to counterfeit a product or misuse an original brand, product or company name. The Clients who fell prey to such fraudulent practices often find it difficult to admit it, especially having lost their lifetime savings or significant amounts of money. 

It often happens that the fraudsters use professionally-looking, carefully prepared and expensive websites developed by web design companies, which seem very reliable and trustworthy. Our company takes every effort to combat such fraud and to eliminate fake equipment and chemical products. To that end, we have contacted such websites and called on such persons to discontinue their illegal practices, and we have reported such cases to the police. You should bear in mind, however, that some web portals are well paid for their services and do not really care if products are original or counterfeit, and even if fake websites are removed, they will soon crop up again and become more and more sophisticated. We sincerely hope that this warning will prevent you from falling victim to such fraudulent practices.