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Graveco HY-200

Graveco® HY-200 is a small, inexpensive, hydraulic polyurethane foam spray system. 

Equipped with heating hoses, pumps, recirculation system, parking module, touch panel and a small, modern Delta II ™ spray gun. HY-200 is an alternative to large, very expensive spraying machines. 

Graveco® HY-200 can be used wherever there is no power for large powered devices. The system is driven by a small hydraulic pump, it is an alternative to pneumatic devices generally available on the market due to the low air consumption (about 0.3 - 0.4 m3 / min).

The spray system, despite its small size, can be used in the construction and thermal insulation (both internal and external) on site. 

Manufactured and intended for use in small and medium-sized companies. It never requires a costly air dryer, never requires a generator but can work with it.


Dear Clients:

In the case of purchases of products to be exported, we always recommend that you go for top-quality systems only.


Based on our long and successful track record in sales and after-sale services, we suggest that you should refrain from buying products other than professional spraying, engraving, cutting and extraction systems – available here (link).


This will guarantee many years of your satisfaction, company profitability and the feeling that you offer best possible customer service as a seller.

Should you have any questions as to the optimum choice of our products, please contact our team – we will be more than happy to help you. We can also provide training to your personnel (if necessary).

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