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Graveco GD-55

The system for foaming and spraying polyurethane

Graveco® GD-55 is a small, inexpensive system for spraying polyurethane foam. Equipped with heating hoses, recirculation system, parking module and a small, handy spray gun. Graveco® GD-55 is an excellent alternative to the large, very expensive spray machines.


Single-phase grid

Graveco® GD-55 can be used anywhere where there is not enough power to supply large equipment. With the optional power switch, the device can be powered from a three-phase or single-phase grid.


Power despite its small size

The spray system, despite its small size, can be used when working on a building site and for insulating existing buildings (both inside and outside). It is manufactured and intended for use in small and medium companies. It does not require an expensive air dryer or a power generator.


The system for foaming and spraying polyurethane

Althought it is compact, the machine successfully sprays the majority of commercially available closed and open-cell foams. Manufacturers of foams distributed by us have carried out successful open-cell foam spray tests at a temperature close to 0°C. The heat output and design of the device are set so as to enable spraying polyurethane also in harsh environment.

TBH Polska Sp. z o.o. is the exclusive distributor and service provider for Graveco® GD-55  in Europe. In accordance with our company policy, we provide you with a free of charge training in the use of spraying and pouring equipment at our oce and a whole range of warranty and post-warranty benets.

Our company is a manufacturer of various CNC and spraying machines. The Graveco® Raptor II Gun, recirculation and parking systems and other components are also designed and manufac- tured by us. We can design and manufacture equipment for special use or operating according to customer's design. We provide the opportunity to lease or buy equipment on credit as we cooperate with many renowned leasing companies.


Selected applications:

  • Dosing of liquid 1:1
  • Polyurethane foaming
  • Manufacture of polyurethane products
  • Injection moulding
  • Insulating homes
  • Insulation of cold storage facilities, livestock buildings, hangars
  • Insulation of basements, screeds, granaries, silos
  • Sealing roofs, spraying vehicle chassis
  • Other



  • Dosing 1:1 (Option 1: X is available only for Foam Tornado and Wintermann®)
  • Maximum efficiency: up to 8 kg/min
  • Heating hose 15m included
  • Hose for barrel pumps 2x3m included
  • Barrel pumps (2 pcs) included
  • Self-cleaning spray gun as standard equipment
  • Heating power: from 7 kW
  • Maximum pressure: 138 bar
  • Maximum material temperature: 75 °C
  • Power supply: 3-phase/400V or 1-phase/230V
  • Compatible with a power generator
  • Weight: about 193 kg
  • Air supply: up to 10 bar (1 MPa)
  • CE certicate
  • We issue a certificate of training by the manufacturer's authorized unit


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