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Paint sprayer Graveco ST-6230

Graveco® single-component sprayers are designed for use both by professional painting contractors as well as for individual users looking for an easy and comfortable solution to get the job done.

The Graveco® sprayer applies paint quickly, uniformly and precisely over the surface. The amount of oversprayed paint is reduced and the job is done faster and more efficiently. Paint is applied with a compact nozzle ensuring uniform and precise surface coverage.

A paint sprayer is a perfect solution for all renovation, interior finishing or painting contractors who work with a variety of surfaces. What is important, paint sprayers can apply paint also on irregular surfaces such as brick or stone.

The product comes at a low price, affordable even to private homeowners. In addition to painting, the sprayer can be used to whitewash walls in farm buildings or to paint tree trunks.

The paint sprayer is easy to operate and can be handled by any user. The sprayer makes any painting job comfortable and efficient, and produces great results. Single-component paint sprayers are usually compact and easy to transport and handle, and do not take much space. Should you require any help in selecting the optimum equipment, training or job-related assistance, feel free to consult us.

The Graveco® ST-6230 paint sprayer is powered by a high-efficiency brushless motor. The motor was designed to generate highest possible capacity for all painting applications, while ensuring high resistance to voltage fluctuations. Brushless design means that there is no need to replace brushes, and is a guarantee of a very long useful life.

Graveco ® ST-6230comes with a high-quality piston pump with leather seals, chrome-plated connecting rod, and hardened stainless-steel cylinder. All these components make up a high-strength pump design. Collector filter is easy to replace, which makes pump maintenance quick and simple.

The electronic pressure control system of Graveco® ST-6230 paint sprayers ensures uniform paint application at any pressure level set by the user. Pressure is regulated with a potentiometer, showing the readout on the LCD screen, and the pressure level can be adjusted to specific working conditions. Graveco® ST-6230 is an excellent, robust and cost-effective system – a best-selling product and a highly recommended solution for small and medium-sized contractors.


Paint sprayer unit

15-meter spraying hose

Spray gun

Nozzle extension module

Operation and maintenance user manual


For renovation, interior finishing and painting contractors

For home users

For small garden and orchard applications

Technical specification:

Maximum pressure: 3300 psi / 227 bar

Maximum flow rate: 2.5L/min

Maximum capacity: 1300 W / 1.77KM

brushless motor

Maximum nozzle diameter: 0.580mm (0.023 inch)

Weight: 16kg

Packaging dimensions: 49cm x 42cm x 53cm

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