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Spray Services

Insulation with PUR foam and polyurea
Through the network of our partners, we offer modern insulation of residential, commercial, urban and company buildings by spraying.

Our partners deal with:

  • Polyurethane foaming
  • Production of polyurethane products and membranes
  • A specialist injection moulding machine
  • Insulation of homes
  • Insulation of cold storage facilities, livestock buildings, hangars
  • Insulation of basements, screeds, granaries, silos
  • Sealing roofs, spraying vehicle chassis
  • Waterproofing and other work

Why is it worth using modern, polyurethane insulations?
Polyurethane coatings - the latest trend in insulation technology:

  1.  have the best insulating performance
  2.  guarantee tight seal
  3.  have breathable and non-breathable properties
  4.  are made to last
  5.  increase the value of the building for resale
  6.  strengthen the load-bearing structures and are self-extinguishing
  7.  have no joints (no thermal bridges)
  8.  are good insulation which generates big savings

Polyurea coatings - replace tar felt, paints, adhesives

  1.  excellent resistance to rough weather conditions
  2.  excellent mechanical properties and durability
  3.  resistance to biological and chemical contaminants
  4.  easy to keep clean
  5.  resistant to solar radiation

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Our partners have made over a million square meters of foam!
We have contracts with the largest manufacturers of polyurethane and polyurea components, we guarantee high quality and competitive prices, we provide services throughout Europe.

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