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Wintermann Xpress

Wintermann Xpress
Wintermann Xpress
Wintermann Xpress
Wintermann Xpress
Wintermann Xpress
Wintermann Xpress
Wintermann Xpress
Wintermann Xpress
Wintermann Xpress
Wintermann Xpress
Wintermann Xpress

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Wintermann® Xpress is a response to the Clients’ demand for compact, inexpensive and mobile polyurethane foaming machines. 2019 will see the official market launch of the Wintermann® Xpress model for Clients who want to perform smaller foam spraying works without setting up and investing in large professional companies offering PUR foam spraying services.


Even though Wintermann® Xpress is a lower-priced product, we did our best to maintain the top quality of the professional Wintermann® Pro product line. The product comes with a well-known and highly valued Wintermann® XP3 spray gun for professional users of the Wintermann® 200 Pro and Wintermann® 350 Pro machines.


Wintermann® Xpress is a solution for all users looking for a well-designed compact machine sold at a reasonable price. It is an excellent alternative to older polyurethane foam spraying models – the Graveco GD and Graveco HY machines, which will be phased out of the market in 2019 as they cannot match the new higher-quality Wintermann® Xpress model.


Despite the affordable price, Wintermann® Xpress is equipped with high-quality temperature sensors, heating hoses and recirculation systems. The state-of-the-art design ensures effective application of both closed- and open-cell foams. Medium capacity, low air intake and low weight are additional advantages in applications where low power consumption and mobility come into play.


Wintermann® is a well-known and highly valued brand of spraying equipment for polyurea and polyurethane foam. State-of-the-art design, reliability, professional customer service, and good brand recognition are just some of the advantages, as evidenced by written references and credentials from both our Clients and producers of chemicals.


Selected applications:

  • 1:1 dosing of liquid materials
  • polyurethane foaming
  • production of polyurethane products and membranes
  • a specialist injection moulding machine
  • insulation of homes
  • insulation of cold storage facilities, livestock buildings, hangars
  • insulation of basements, screeds, granaries and silos
  • sealing of roofs, spraying of vehicles chassis
  • waterproofing and other works




 Dosing ratio1:1 (variable ratio option available only for Wintermann 400 VDR Pro and Foam Tornado machines)
 Viscosity250-1500 CPS (in working temperature)
 Maximum pressure15 MPa (150 bar, 2175 psi)
 Maximum material temperature80 °C
 Maximum efficiency4 to 8 kg/min (8.81 to 17.6 lb/min)
 Maximum hose heating capacity2000 W
 Digital-analog heater controlYes
 Maximum heater heating capacity2600 W x 2 (5,2 kW)
 Power supply400V - 3 phase (optionally - 230V - single phase, only in grounded cases)
 Compatible with a power generatorYes
 Main pump drive typePneumatic
 Gun cleaning methodSelf-cleaning
 Required air supply6 to 9 bar (0,6 - 0,9 MPa) ~ 1 m3 / min.
 Package size: approx75 cm x 75 cm x 120 cm (30 in x 30 in x 48 in)
 Net weight: approx140 kg (308 lb)
 Gross weight: approx175 kg (385 lb)
 Gun included1 pc
 Transfer pumps included2 pcs
 A set of service tools1 pc
 Chemical cleaning substances400 ml
 Heating hose included15m (50 ft)
 Maximum length of heating hose45m (150 ft)
 Gun safety hose1.5 m
 Transfer pump hose2 pcs, 2.5 m
 Service trainingWe issue a certificate of training by the authorized distributor
 CE certificateYes
 Information / legal note* We reserve the right to update or change this technical specification


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